• Marketing Services
    1. Online marketing strategy, research and planning
    2. Create appropriate marketing information, i.e. brand stories, product descriptions, customer value propositions
    3. Translate your key marketing information (including brand name) into appropriate Chinese
    4. Design and execute event based marketing campaign targeting local Chinese community and Chinese social media
  • IT Services
    1. Create your website in Chinese to enable home marketing
    2. Integrate Alipay (the most popular payment method in China) on your website
    3. Establish your mini-site on which allow you to market to world wide buyers
  • Training Services
    1. How to use to source /sell products with the rest of the world
    2. How to use Tmall Global market successfully to Chinese consumers
  • Free Services (subject to availability)
    1. Review your current China market strategy and implementation and provide advice for potential improvement
    2. Provide second opinion on your new packaging design (i.e. color, wording in Chinese) or webpage design in Chinese
    3. Translate short messages (under 100 words) into Chinese